Julie Gaudet

Julie Gaudet

Julie Gaudet

“If you can dream it, you can do it” — Walt Disney —

Whether to maintain your health, optimize your health capital, getting healthy or improving, moving with more opportunities to be active is part of the solution. Saying no to sedentariness, the scourge of modern times, and changing one’s lifestyle to make oneself feel better on a daily basis is within everyone’s reach. However, just like New Year’s resolutions, engaging in the medium and long term without falling back into our old habits is not always easy. Have FUN during training was the SOLUTION for ME

“Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life” Julie Gaudet

Passionate about fitness and on the lookout for new trends in training, the Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes immediately intrigued me and quickly charmed! It was my discovery PLEASURE HEALTH 2015, a source of exaltation, pleasure and dependence. “Jumping for joy” is not just an expression, it made sense from the first moments when I put on the trampoline boots. The propulsion is so impressive that we quickly want to push our limits, and the pleasure is such that we forget the effort.  Kangoo Jumps is an intense workout aimed at increasing overall health. Like other fitness programs, the practice of Kangoo Jumps promotes daily well-being and contributes to the harmony of body, mind and soul. A safe training choice that provides increased joint protection through a patented IPS system that absorbs up to 80% of impacts. Everybody can do Kangoo Jumps.  Stable and safe for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are sedentary or already active, whatever your physical condition, come propel it! Invest in your health capital.

“We can always more than we think we can” Joseph Kessel

I am living proof that anything is possible, come and discover my story. If I could make a drastic turn and go from a sedentary lifestyle to an excellent physical condition, lose 80lb, leave behind all my health problems and become a certified instructor and international trainer Kangoo Jumps, you can. I am well equipped to help you achieve your goals. Several certifications in hand and experience in the most recognized training center, I share this passion to be fit with a visceral conviction, because for me, a healthy mind in a healthy body goes through a good physical condition.

Unfortunately, over the years, combining several hours of classes per week with personal training, there has been an impact on the health of my joints. Since my discovery of the Kangoo jumps in 2015, the pains in my joints have disappeared, even at the rate of more than 7h of jumps per week.

“Nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge —

I am convinced of the addictive aspect of rebounding. For me bouncing is health. Did you know that this product was born from the imagination of Canadian physiotherapists. The Kangoo jumps trampoline boots were invented for the purpose of allowing patients to get back to exercise as a result of an injury or surgery. Even NASA has seen some benefits from space astronauts. After months of weightlessness, their joints were no longer ready for traditional aerobic exercises.

Looking forward to rebounding with you and making you discover my passion. Come live the Kangoo jumps experience with the kangaroo girl!


JUMP IN BE HAPPY! Julie Gaudet, The Kangaroo Girl.