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kangoo power program
Fortify your body and mind with the benefits of a Kangoo Power session. Reputed to be the most popular program of Kangoo Jumps Fitness, it will challenge your whole body.

Highly motivating interval program where easy basic move are followed on aerobic music. This program is aimed at a large number of people even those who would not attend group classes where routines are often very choreographed.

Interval training burns more calories and improves cardiovascular capacity (VO2max) than long slow endurance exercice. You will reap the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic training and improve your performance incredibly. This training mode is very popular with athletes.

During a session of Kangoo Power, the sequence of various explosive movements is specifically designed to challenge the whole body by building muscle strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance.

The use of the “Plyometric Kangoo Jumps” technique (rapid stretching of the agonist muscles, followed by maximal contractions) also allows the body to deploy maximum muscle strength in a minimum of time for muscle power gains. Thanks to Kangoo Jumps patented IPS system, a kind of mini-trampoline under the boot, it is now possible to maximize power gains while minimizing the impact on joint structures and stress on the lower limbs. Recognized worldwide, the Kangoo Jumps boots allow a reduction of more than 80% of the impacts.

Energetic, intense, motivational, exciting and exhilarating, rebounding allows a noticeable improvement in physical fitness. A few classes are sufficient to note significant gains in cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Kangoo Jumps Training provides a number of health benefits without the undue mechanical stress of joint and lower limb structures.
Kangoo Bootcamp Course


kangoo bootcamp program

The Kangoo Bootcamp is a military-style training practiced mainly outdoors (spring-summer-autumn). Staying in shape and health goes hand in hand with the contact of fresh air. With kangaroo jumps, we invite you to discover the magnificent parks of the South Shore of Montreal and Montérégie. During the winter season, the Kangoo Bootcamp can be conducted indoors. 

This program allows significant and rapid gains in muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity (VO2max).

Circuit training allows you to combine the best cardiovascular and muscular exercises, the key to a complete and extremely effective workout. Improve your sessions by also strengthening your physical skills such as coordination, reflexes, speed, power, balance and agility.

By practicing a variety of exercises, the Kangoo Bootcamp allows training so diverse that it will prevent boredom. This type of training can solicit all major muscle groups (agonists and antagonists) and stabilizing muscles for a full-body workout.

This highly motivational program is suitable for participants of all ages and all levels of fitness who want to achieve optimal results in a minimum of time. The Kangoo Bootcamp is not at all choreographed so, very easy to follow.

Training with Kangoo Jumps boots is proven; it improves the shape while reducing the risk of injury related to the impact and boredom of repetitive workouts.

Kangoo Dance Course


Kangoo Dance Program
Kangoo Dance is a safe, energetic, fun and motivating aerobic program for all ages and fitness levels. Make all your favorite dance moves with rebound boots. Come vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music  let yourself be carried away by contagious dance steps and sequences simply choreographed. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a feeling of weightlessness and lightness. You will have FUN effect while decreasing joint stress.

This program teaches participants effective jumping techniques for improved pleasure while preventing injuries. The IPS system, an excellent shock absorber included under the boot, reduces the impact on the ground up to 80%, for a large dose of safe fun!

Scientifically proven with university studies to support, Kangoo Jumps training will help you burn fat and lose weight much faster. When you wear Kangoo Jumps boots, your burn upto 20% more calories compared to a similar workout with conventional sports shoes. You will not only sollicitate your legs and butt muscles, also your core and your stabilizing muscles during the training. This workout will also help you re-educate and strengthen your pelvic floor!

Discover the wonders of rebounding, join us, a fitness-party on trampoline boots

Kangoo Discovery Course


Kangoo Children
For children and teenager to grow up healthy, it is important that they be physically active. With your participation in the Kangoo Discovery class (a parent-child class), your children learn with you what a healthy active life is. Participate as a family in a fun activity on trampoline boots will make it easier to integrate these good habits. If you move, your children will move too, because you are their heroe.

This program has been developed specifically for young people of all ages (6 years and older). Classes are designed to enhance coordination, endurance, good body posture and self-image. These help prevent childhood obesity and reduce stress, With Kangoo Jumps trampoline boots, children move in pleasure. In addition to being fun and enjoyable, the workout will challenge the body and brain in the most interactive and innovative way.

Kangoo Discovery is a simple program that values ​​children’s creativity by including funny and varied games that keep the class very motivating from start to finish. This program offers a variety of sports activities where team spirit, collective work, altruism will be put to good use. The addition of simply choreographed short dance segments will allow everyone to improve both their coordination and their proprioception, a small internal GPS that allows us to perceive at every moment the exact position of our body in 3 dimensions. To dance according to the rhythm of the music, to walk in a straight line, to avoid falling, your kid needs a good proprioception.

Kangoo Kick & Punch Course


Kangoo Boxing
Kangoo Kick & Punch is a program inspired by martial arts techniques and contactless combat sports. All your favorite fighting moves inspired by traditional boxing and kickboxing are put together during the workout. This type of training defies the body at all levels and allows a significant and rapid improvement in your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance. Thanks to the patented IPS system, impacts during training will be reduced by up to 80%. This type of training will put your entire body to the test while protecting it from injury and premature wear of your joint structures.

Basic movements are very easy and can be done with increasing complexity and intensity as you progress. By teaching options, this program is suitable for a wide range of participants.

Go samurai, come to cultivate pleasure, strengthen your body and polish your mind!