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G Force

In the regular workouts according to the muscles that one desires sought the movements are thought to oppose the gravity and fight against it. We have no control over this force we undergo. What would happen if this force were raised? The G is the name given to the value of this acceleration that the earth causes on the objects it attracts to its surface. As I write these lines I undergo 1 G down.

In 1911 the famous scientist Albert Einstein stated that the human body cannot differentiate between gravitational force (1 G) acceleration and deceleration. Bouncing involves these three forces in the same vertical plane. Before this summation of the forces all cells of the body must react. The greater the result of the forces the better will be their reinforcement. With the jump the 7,766,279,631,452,241,920 of cells of your body simultaneously undergo a cumulation of the 3 forces the equivalent of more than 1 G. A rebound training is a stimulation of your structures at the scale of the infinitely small for infinitely great benefits.

Jumping for health

In the years 1970 Mr. Albert E. Carter an Olympic professional trampoline discovered the benefits of bouncing. Through its scientifically and medically well-documented research it has been recognized as a global leader in terms of rebounding. In his books the new wonders of rebound exercise for 13 million copies and rebound exercise the ultimate exercise for the new millennium he explains that bouncing is the best form of exercise that man has ever conceived. 12

The therapeutic use of rebound exercises has also been studied by Dr. Morton Walker and the results of his studies published in his book Jumping for health. 3 More than 33 benefits and health benefits to be rebound regularly are listed in these three books. Several other books abound in the same direction praising the merits of training by jumping. 4-8

Rebound sports improve balance and coordination muscle strength and muscular endurance pulmonary and cardiovascular capacity bilateral motor skills rhythm and lymphatic circulation!


In 1980 four NASA experts confirmed the extraordinary benefits of rebound exercises. The idea of rebounding NASA has been a long time since it is an effective way to help astronauts regain their muscle mass after a short stay in space. In fact, astronauts can lose up to 15% of their bone and muscle mass after having spent 14 days at zero gravity. NASA needed a way to reverse this damage. Recognized as spectacular the results of their studies have been published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. 9

Lower limb Stress Reduction

The effects of jogging on a treadmill were compared to the effects of repeated jumps on a trampoline in eight young athletic men. The scientific studies conducted have shown that at heart rate and equal oxygen consumption “the magnitude of biomechanical stimuli is greater when jumping on a trampoline than when running”. For the same oxygen demand the bio-mechanical work (external work output) is up to 68% higher when training on trampoline. In addition, as part of this research work, the impact force was measured in unit G at the means of acceleration sensors at the ankle. The results demonstrated that treadmill racing induces an impact force up to 2 times higher (0.031-0.130 Gz/kg for speeds 48 km/h to 113 km/h) to that recorded during trampoline jumps (0.045-0.073 Gz/kg for Repeated jumps with foot clearances from 18 to 100 cm).

Rebound exercises significantly reduce the stress felt by the lower limbs during impact while improving the physical condition. Jumping training a succession of cell-scale stimuli will not only act on each of your cells and lead to their reinforcement but also allow you to enjoy the accumulation of the 33 benefits listed in the literature while Protecting your joint structures.

Personally rare are the days when I do not practice the rebound on Boots Kangoo Jumps ®. Now I know why I can’t do without it. At 40 years old I have the energy of 10 4 year olds gathered at a party of friends. Believe me this has not always been so. Vividly this beautiful discovery a metabolic boost for my mitochondria these small energy factories.

Cinderella has proven that a pair of shoes can change a life these ankle boots have made mine tasty!

Julie the kangaroo Girl

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